Whysaurus is a place for exchanging ideas in a completely new way.

It's collaborative, fun, and designed to take the stress out of articulating arguments, connecting through conversation, and finding facts.

Our ultimate goal is to reimagine online argument, improve public discourse and collaboratively build the Library of The Best Arguments Ever.


Online conversation is falling apart and it’s getting worse offline.

This is bad — and the stakes are high:

Evidence-based arguments are how we collectively figure out answers to hard problems. For democracy to continue functioning, we desperately need a platform that cultivates good argument for our digital public square. That platform is Whysaurus.

To learn more about why we’re crazy enough to build Whysaurus, check out our Manifesto.


We make character-limited claims. Each claim can be supported or countered by other claims, into infinity.

To learn more about how it works, check out our FAQ, or jump into an argument!


Whysaurus was founded by Joshua Frankel, an artist and designer, and Aaron Lifshin, a programmer. It's fueled through blood, sweat and tears — and it's growing because of a community of contributors passionate about saving online argument. If you'd like to join us — as a funder, contributor or strategic partner — get in touch!

Come argue with us!